Kelly's Ferry Church of God

Kelly's Ferry Church was established in 1914. The church initially met in a one-room schoolhouse/community center located beside the Kelly's Ferry Cemetery in Marion County, Tennessee. Different circuit riders would preach at the church as they rode through the area.

Our first official pastor was Floyd Erwin and his wife, Lula Erwin, who became pastors in 1925 and remained pastors until 1937. They were followed by John Byrd who served as pastor from 1937 to 1938. Charlie Griffith served as pastor from 1939 to 1941 and was followed by Pastor Harris in 1942. Clarence Godsey and his wife, Lois Godsey, served as pastor in 1943 until Pastor Godsey was drafted into WWII.

Floyd Erwin returned to Kelly's Ferry in 1943 with a dream to build a new church. To that end, Pastor Erwin set up a building fund. However, he passed away in 1948 before his dream was fulfilled.

Bruce Vanor and his wife, Evadene Vanor became pastor in 1948. The new church was completed in 1950 at its current location 22441 US Highway 41 in Marion County, Tennessee. The church was constructed of block and the congregation sat on homemade wooden benches. Brother Vanor served as pastor until 1952.

Those who served as pastor following Brother Vanor are as follows: Alfred McPherson (1952), Ernest Lee and his wife, Louise Lee (1953), Charlie Frazier (1953-1957), B.E. Trent and his wife, Gladys Trent (1958-1963), George Rayfield and his wife, Inez Rayfield (September 1963-September 1965), and George Smith and his wife, Vernie Smith (October 1965 to December 1985).

Under the pastorate of Pastor Smith, several renovations were made to the church including the addition of siding to the outside of the building, paneling on the inside, and padded benches were purchased for the sanctuary. A foyer was constructed onto the front of the building in 1971.

James Castello and his wife, Phyllis Castello served as pastor from January 1986 to September 1988. Emuil McNabb and his wife, Ruth McNabb served as pastor from September 1988 to January 10, 1993. Our current pastor, D. Michael Williams and his wife, Sandra Williams, came to Kelly's Ferry in January 1993.